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This is a community for owners who have dogs with allergy issues and for those looking for info on allergies. We wish to develop a community where dog guardians can come together and talk about their experiences dealing with a dog who has chronic allergies. This is a place to come for support and discussion of what has and hasn't worked.



1. Harassment is not tolerated. At some point in time there will be a disagreement or a touchy subject will come up. Please keep it civil and don't take anything to personal journals.
2. When a post is made and options are given, try not to get repetitive. One question doesn't need 50+ comments saying the exact same thing.
3. Breedism and ignorance will not be tolerated. We are all breed friendly and plan to stay that way.
4. If you don't really want advice, don't ask. We're here to help if need be and there's no point in asking if you won't listen to the advice given.
5. Please keep posts on topic. Questions, stories, pictures are always welcome.
6. If you would like to post a promo or an advertisement of some sort, please ask one of the mods before hand. We'll more than likely say yes, but ask just in case.
7. Don't start trouble. Anyone starting drama will be warned or banned, depending on what happened.
8. Multiple pictures and/or long entries should be behind an lj-cut. One picture outside the cut is fine as long as it's under 600x600.
9. Be responsible and use common sense. We are all loving pet owners and any obvious stupidity will be pointed out in a constructive manner to help whoever is involved.
10. Do not delete posts or comments. You will be banned.
11. Have fun!

Disclaimer: We are not vets and our advice/information should not be used as a replacement for a professional. We will always advise you take your animal to a licensed professional. We're just people who have been down this road and can offer support.